Our company ANTONAKAKIS SA created in its present form 2003. It is the evolution of the individual enterprise of Constantine Antonakaki which operated the space of manufacture machinery since 1970. Until now, the company develops His Sons Eleftherios and Evangelos Antonakaki.

In 2004 we moved to a new privately owned facilities in the Industrial Area of Heraklion in an area of 3 acres, which are 1500 sq.m. indoor workplace and further 200 sq.m. offices and other auxiliary spaces. Modernized our machinery with latest generation of machines and increased production capacity, mainly active in the manufacture of machinery and mechanical components of high technology. Our business covers the conditions of EN ISO 9001:2000

Having as asset of many years' experience, specialization of our staff and the latest technology equipment we are able to achieve even the most complex manufacturing of mechanical equipment in accordance with the needs of our customers. So we can overcome any problem with imaginative ideas and support our product in all phase of the creation of guaranteeing thereby the return on investment for our customers.